Upcoming Compositions
and Current Projects

Small Ensembles and Choral

  • Working Title. Mass for SATB chorus and organ/piano. (From January 2019)

  • Lament to the Aegean Sea. Concert Work for SATB chorus, Soloists, and Piano. Texts by Samuel David Downes. (Started in Plomari, Lesbos / Greece in May 2018)

    • No. 1 The Crashing Waves.

    • No. 2 Hush! Hear the Hallows Howl.

    • No. 3 Endless Sleep.


  • The Heartbroken. Symphonic Poemes for Orchestra. (From October 2017)

    • No. 1 To the Heartbroken.

    • No. 2 To the Fallen.

    • No. 3 To the Living.