New Work: Mass for a Stranger

This mass setting consists of five movements: Introit – Kyrie – Gloria – Sanctus, Benedictus – Agnus Dei. A Mass for a Stranger showcases the performer’s abilities to explore contemporary textures. The mass is inspired by my own journey in the world of choral music and it ranges from the first encounters of Serbian-Orthodox Liturgy, 16th-century counterpoint, to contemporary British and North-American choral repertoire. Particularly the Introit brings together the different musical languages of different periods and cultural backgrounds, not only due to its Serbian text which is taken from an anonymous prayer. In a celebration of internationality and in a European spirit, this work includes texts to be read by readers from different countries in their respective languages. A rather unusual setting of a mass, this work deliberately breaks the commonly perceived conservative approach of settings of Catholic liturgy for more ecumenical ideals. The title refers back to the trope of a ‘Stranger in a foreign place’, finding their way through time, through different places, always on a journey to settle with their own identity. Just like the ‘Stranger’, the music is at times in unrest and it, too, is on a journey from dissonance to harmony, through time, through different places.

EnglishTobias Wolf