Fair recompense for my work

I charge affordable fees in line with rates published by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) as well as the Musician's Union. However much we enjoy our work as a musicians, we also need to be bringing in enough money to make a viable career for ourselves. With a growing trend of professional musicians not being paid for their work, and being asked to work for little or no fee, the Union's minimum rates provide a guideline for musicians and engagers for a fair recompense for their work.

If you like music, support musicians by supporting fair pay. Music is my work, not play! Please contact me for more information and to discuss your requirements. We can speak about your aspirations and find solutions together.


Individual Teaching Slots for Choirs

Book weekly teaching slots and split the tuition time between interested members of your ensemble who rotate (so that I see one different choir member each week). This is an affordable solution for singers or ensembles who would like to work with a professional vocal coach without committing to weekly lessons themselves.

Funding and Financial Help

Despite the cuts that have been universally applied across the creative industries in recent years, a whole range of funding opportunities are available for musicians. If you as an individual or your ensemble require financial support, I am very happy to support you with your funding applications. I am determined to find solutions with you for your situation and for your aspirations. Please get in touch.


Some words about charity gigs

We are consistently asked to work for free. Putting professional musicians into a situation where they are pushed into working for no fee and providing their expertise and services to a good cause can be extremely unjust, particularly when others associated with the event are being paid. We can observe an increase in charity events that donated to the named causes, despite high ticket prices and unpaid slots for musicians while organisers, promoters and other event personnel often take their regular fees at these events.

I engage in charitable projects very frequently. But musicians should be offered their usual fee and it should be up to them whether or not they give any of that fee back to charity. I want to encourage you to get in touch with me about your charitable project. I have a long list of sources for funding, and experience in acquiring funding for non-profit events and organisations. I am glad to help with applications and I am dedicated to finding solutions for your project.

(correct as of September 2019)

Current rates


  • Instrumental Lesson (individual, weekly), from £34 / hour

  • Vocal Coaching, Voice Lesson (individual, weekly), from £34 / hour

  • Consultations, from £40 / hour

  • Conducting Lesson to be negotiated

  • Workshop rates: from £300 per day


  • Conducting fee per concert to be negotiated
    (Standard fees per concert day, average £200 - £600)

  • Rehearsal fee to be negotiated
    (Standard fees per rehearsal, average £60 - £120)

  • Music Director fees to be negotiated
    (Standard fees per year total, average £1,500 - £5,500)