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The un poco network in collaboration with King’s Studio Orchestra, The King’s Philharmonic Wind Orchestra and other ensembles offers a conducting scholarship every year to an aspiring conductor who wishes to perfect their skills in front of various music ensembles. The breadth of the scholarship covers score preparation, basics of orchestral management and of course conducting skills, culminating in the scholar conducting one ensemble during a concert.

The Curriculum


Private Instruction

The scholar will receive no less than three hours of private tuition to introduce them to basic baton and rehearsal techniques, score preparation, and interpretation. Further advanced sessions may cover every aspect of the conductor’s craft subject to the experience and development of the scholar: harmonic and formal analysis, rhythmic security, aural imagery, knowledge of the instruments and voices, technique and vocabulary of gesture, group management and psychology, rehearsal techniques, and programming.

Choral Conducting

Introduction to basic conducting skills such as techniques for showing phrasing, dynamics and expression, beating patterns, starting pitch and facial expression, cueing and stopping, as well as vocal techniques, warm-ups and accompanying skills. The scholar will attend no less than three rehearsals of a choir within the network and will be given the opportunity to contribute to the rehearsal work in order to develop their skills in a choral setting.

Orchestral Conducting

The conducting scholar will be offered to work with one orchestra within the un poco network for one production as conducting assistant, with support and mentoring from the musical director. The scholar participates in rehearsals and is introduced to conducting the ensemble at a pace which is appropriate to the individual. He or she will take part in a concert.

Conductors are often responsible for myriad administrative and institutional tasks both near and far from the podium, and an understanding of internal communication measures, financial implications, as well as public relations constitute a major aspect of this scholarship. The student will be required to contribute to the administration of an ensemble and will take part in the preparation process of a concert production.



Prerequisites and expectations


Background and experience

  • Applicants are preferably enrolled in a music programme at university level, such as Bachelor of Music.

  • Preferably basic experience of amateur conducting or introductory courses at university

  • Applicants have considerable musical experience or qualifications at around Grade 8 or equivalent standard

  • Experience as a choral singer and preferably received vocal tuition.

  • At least basic piano skills required

  • Fluency in English and preferably basic skills in one or more other languages

What we expect from you

  • Attendance and participation in no less than three individual choir rehearsals of different ensembles within the un poco network

  • Attendance and participation in an orchestral concert production (c. 3-4 rehearsal workshops and 1-2 performances) of either King’s Studio Orchestra or The King’s Philharmonic Wind Orchestra

  • Attendance and preparation for individual tuition of no less than three hours.

  • Contributing to the administration of the orchestra and take part in the preparation of a concert production

Learning outcomes

  • Gain and demonstrate necessary knowledge and practical skills required to engage as a conductor in choral and orchestral settings

  • Learn the foundations of directing in the art of baton technique and clarify beating patterns and gestures

  • Develop an awareness of repertoire available

  • Ability to plan and execute an effective rehearsal

  • Acquire skills in orchestral management and communication

  • Gain more confidence, gain skills in public speaking, leadership and teamwork


Congratulations to our new conducting scholar, Lisa-Marie Ferguson (University of Aberdeen).

Applications for the current season 2019 are now closed. We do accept applications through the form below at all times for all upcoming seasons, starting times June, September or February each year. Length of the programme is either one term or one academic year. There is a maximum of two places available per season, subject to programming.


How to apply?

First, it’s worthwhile taking some time to find out more about the orchestra and other ensembles within the un poco network, as well as the Music Director. Then, please use the form below to apply. We would like to get to know you and will arrange an online video chat, or a meeting to talk about opportunities and answer all your questions. Please have your CV ready and be prepared to talk about your previous experience. You may be asked to demonstrate some basic skills on your instrument/voice and/or show basic skills on the piano.

Special needs

We are committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to applicants with physical or mental disabilities. Should you need any accommodations to take part in any of our opportunities, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.


To apply for the scholarship, please complete the form below

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Please let us know about your musical background, your current status as a student, experience and briefly outline the reason why you are applying for this scholarship.
Availability for an interview *
Please state the starting time you are applying for. Please provide information about time flexibility for starting times in the 'other comments' section below, if applicable.
Term *
Scholarships are available for individual lengths, usually either one term or one academic year, subject to programming and the scholar's availability. Please state your preferred programme length that you are applying for below.