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Nearly forty players in all directed and conducted by Tobias Patrick Wolf whose prowess as a conductor comes from studies in Germany and all across Europe. We were in good hands and indeed the sound of his orchestra in full cry, as it were, was absolutely fabulous – rich, resonant and rare.
— Alan Cooper, concert review
We were in for a truly sublime evening of great music – and so it turned out. I left after the concert with a real spring in my step and at my age, that means a lot. This was a first rate concert.
— Alan Cooper, concert review
In particular, I really enjoyed his attention to detail when warming up. He really understands the whole body as an instrument and his visual techniques are very effective. Brilliant sense of humour and is always willing to help out at a moment’s notice. I really enjoyed his guest conducting and hope to see more of him in the future.
— Aberdeen Bach Choir Member
Tobias is very refined conductor, composer and linguist. His rehearsals are always of a high professional standard and can provide great insight due to his extensive fluency in a number of languages. His own music is well thought out and fuses a passion for developing new avenues along with tonality. If you are looking for a musician that provides enthusiasm, look no further!
— Jack Christie, Conductor
I have enjoyed working with Tobias at the University of Aberdeen Choral Society. He has a great forward-thinking attitude during rehearsals and seeks to bring the best out of the singers especially with their language pronunciation.
— Gordon Cooper, accompanist
I had great fun very lovely funny and extremely talented young man! He was confident in what he wanted the choir to do, and we all respected him. It’s very hard to stand up in front of 130 people and I thought he coped admirably. I wish him every success in the future.
— Aberdeen Bach Choir Member


Immortal Memory - A Burns Night Celebration
By University of Aberdeen Chamber Choir & Paul Mealor

The University of Aberdeen Chamber Choir: Immortal Memory

Under the direction of Paul Mealor, the University of Aberdeen Chamber Choir performs fresh new arrangements of songs by Burns made by the University’s staff and students, along with guest contributions from Robert Lovie, Jillian Bain Christie and fiddler Raemond Jappy. Celebrate Burns night in style!

The CD is for sale on both Amazon and iTunes, and all proceeds from the Sale of Immortal Memory: A Burns Night Celebration go to the relief efforts in Ballater, Scotland, which was recently devastated by flooding.